Book Cover for Stranger in the Valley

Stranger in the Valley

As a former soldier, A.J. is used to seeing dead bodies, but he's never seen the kind of animal mutilation of a dead sheriff he discovers while hiking through this rural Oregon valley. Being a suspect is the least of his new problems, though.

To gain his freedom, A.J. must find the true killer, but nothing about Mystic Valley makes sense. His main suspect is a crooked werewolf, the beautiful town doctor is nearly 700 years old, and there's a suspicious young Dwarf who seems determined to cut off his head. 

When valley residents begin disappearing, A.J. and his band of misfit myths must race against time to uncover a treacherous plot that runs much deeper than one dead human sheriff. To save the valley, and possibly the rest of the human world, A.J. must face his own demons much more dangerous than anything Mystic Valley has to offer.